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n95 mask for coronavirus,Relating to the Cuban Ministry of Wellness, Might 8 information, the Cuban Immunoassay Middle for use of its technology recently finished the development phase of a new crown pneumonia analysis detection reagents, the initial research as soon as the relevant human population, once effective, will invest in the country creation and distribution. It can be comprehended that the technology had been utilized to analyze dengue fever and additional illnesses. mask for Coronavirus

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Cuban Ministry of Public Wellness, today announced that, as of the evening of May 7 the country’s fresh overhead 12 situations of new verified situations and one case of pneumonia deaths, has confirmed a total of 1741 instances, 74 situations of death. As the largest number of brand-new crown Havana pneumonia an infection, the authorities announced that from at 20:00 on the 8th, under the jurisdiction of the city of Havana in Havana, one of the 15 zones applied closed management, buses perform not really quit through the region, with the consent unit except for the car. (Total train station media reporter Hou Jiaqi) What masks for coronavirus.

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